Selling your home the traditional way takes time and money. You need to upgrade, repair, declutter, stage, decorate and keep your house spot clean while it’s listed for sale. Once you get an offer, you need to negotiate, re-negotiate, comply with remedy requests, hope your buyer’s loan gets approved and the lender will close on time.

We have an alternative for you!

Choosing Instant Offer Columbus

You Get an Offer and Free CMA Within 24 Hours

No Showings and No Hassle

Free Home Inspection Done By Professionals

You Get To Select Your Closing Date

We Pay Title and Escrow Fees

Cash in Your Pocket within Days

The Traditional Home-Selling Route

  • Homes usually sell in 90 days, then there’s the contract
  • Keeping the house spotless for showings
  • Working with the inspection company, escrow and more
  • Worrying about strangers coming into your home
  • The negotiation process and keeping clients happy
  • The waiting game and the uncertainty that follows
  • The risk of having a late deal fall through
  • Won’t get paid until the contract is signed, which could be up to 120 days or more

Get a Cash Offer on Your House within 24 Hours!

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